Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida 

Democratic Black Caucus of Lake County 

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence 

Planned Parenthood of Florida 

Ruth King, Musical Artist & Community Activist 

Democratic Women’s Club of Florida 

Lake County Education Association 

Indivisible in The Villages 

Marion County Education Association 

National Organization for Women - Florida 

Democratic Veterans Caucus of Florida 

Florida Democratic Party Small County Coalition 

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate 

Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida 

“I believe that the role of a public servant is straightforward: To do the most good for the most people. As an American and as a native Floridian, that will inform my approach to ensuring equal treatment and new opportunities for every citizen.”
— Gary McKechnie

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Meet Gary …

Having traveled extensively across the United States as an author, educator, and business owner, I’ve seen firsthand that we are far more alike than politicians lead us to believe. So while registered as a proud ‘Harry Truman’ Democrat, I am running as an American — and as a Floridian. It is a civic responsibility and a moral obligation to give back when I have been given so much.

On The Issues …

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t my race alone. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents would agree it is our shared responsibility to find common ground and create a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” Here are areas in which we can achieve that goal together.

Endorsements …

We are humbled by the progressive organizations who have endorsed our campaign. While one voice can indeed make a difference, the biggest change is achieved when we unite as one. We are greater when we work together. Here are some of the groups and organizations that have endorsed our campaign.

Get Involved …

Without you, our efforts are in vain. Florida’s future is in our hands today. Help us prove that we have the best interest of EVERY resident in mind — no matter who they are, how they look or how much money they have. We need the help of as many residents as possible. Without our combined efforts, our state will suffer.