Thank you for the thoughtful and TRUE look at the candidates for District 12 For Florida Senate.

Baxley is so very typical of the far right white and rich politicians running for office in our state. He’s not interested one iota in the people of Florida or his district in general. As long as he keeps the large developers of his area (The Villages developers, Del Webb developers, horse folks in the Ocala area, etc.) happy.

As a constituent, I have my own story.  When 2 bus loads of Villagers went to Tallahassee last February to literally “beg” for sensible gun control – he literally refused to see or talk to us. We had made appointments before showing up.  When we arrived it was, “Sorry, not here. No, not sure when he’ll be in. Try this afternoon”… Three times that day we walked up and down that hill those 8 blocks between the university and the capital to see him and each time we were turned away. He did show up to vote against any gun reform what-so-ever.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on numerous occasions, Gary McKechnie, who, when he meets you – looks you in the eye, shakes your hand and says, “I want to go to Tallahassee for YOU.”  I need to hear what you need. He’s everywhere, meeting local business owners, the elderly, students and each time his referendum is the same … He wants to represent me in the Florida Senate.

It’s a clear choice where I’m concerned.  We do NOT get unbiased news reporting here in The Villages from the developer sponsored private newspaper, The Daily Sun  (of which I have canceled quite a while ago). It is indeed refreshing to see honest reporting from both sides.

Thank you,
Beverly Eckert
Resident of The Villages, FL